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High Tea Omaha

The Official Options
- 3 Sandwiches
- 2 Scones
-3 Desserts
-Premium Add-On's(OPTIONAL)

***Please note the choices you select will be added to the event minimum of $500.**

Sandwich Options

Please select 3 different options for your event

Classic Cucumber image

Classic Cucumber

Cucumber, cream cheese on pain de mie


Chicken salad image

Chicken salad

Delicious chicken salad prepared with pecans, mayonnaise and cranberries. Served on toasted walnut cranberry baguette.


Ham slider image

Ham slider

Cured ham, Havarti cheese, mustard and mayonnaise served on a homemade slider.


Egg Salad image

Egg Salad

Saffron egg salad served on our home made pain de mie or baguette bread


Turkey slider image

Turkey slider

Roasted turkey, Havarti cheese, mustard and mayonnaise
served on a homemade slider.


Goat cheese-Bell pepper image

Goat cheese-Bell pepper

Served on toasted baguette this vegetarian delight is topped with a balsamic vinegar glaze


PB&A image


Crostini topped with Pistachio, Boursin and Apricot. This delightful combination is a treat for your tastebuds.


Salmon salad in Puff image

Salmon salad in Puff

Baked salmon, capers. lemon juice, mayo served in a pastry puff.



Please select 2 different options for your event

Traditional Scone image

Traditional Scone

Served with clotted cream and jam.

Scone image


We provide a variety of scones, ranging from lemon and blueberry to bacon cheddar. Rest assured, we can cater to your preferred flavor!

Dessert Options

Please select 3 different options for your event

Shortbread image


Classic buttery goodness. Your choice of includes traditional English, Lemon-Lavender, Rose Vanilla or Chocolate-Pecan.

Mousse verrines image

Mousse verrines

Enjoy the mousse flavor of the moment

Macarons image


Choice of Lemon poppy seeds, Pistachio, Raspberry, Apricot, White chocolate and dark chocolate

Gluten free
Mini lemon tartlet image

Mini lemon tartlet

Mini lemon tartlet

Salted caramel tartlet image

Salted caramel tartlet

Salted caramel tartlet

Fresh fruit tartlet image

Fresh fruit tartlet

A classic French dessert, those mini fruit tarts are a must!

Traditional Opera image

Traditional Opera

Try this traditional coffee flavored multi layers goodies...

Opera of the season image

Opera of the season

Ask us our flavor of the moment

Mini eclairs image

Mini eclairs

Pick one flavor (Vanilla, chocolate and flavor of the season)

Rose petal frosted shortbread cookie image

Rose petal frosted shortbread cookie

What more can we say...

Truffle cakes image

Truffle cakes

Fresh fruit cream puff image

Fresh fruit cream puff

Fluffy, light and amazingly good, this cloud of sweet will refresh your state of mind!

Premium Add-Ons

Prices will vary. We would love to accommodate to your event, please don't hesitate to reach out to us about these additional and savory options!

Tenderloin Toast image

Tenderloin Toast

Cooked medium, our juicy tenderloin toast will satisfy any meat lovers. Served on walnut cranberry bread and topped with a light horseradish mayo


Smoked salmon on toast image

Smoked salmon on toast

Served on a toasted baguette, our smoked salmon comes with crème fraiche, capers and lemon supreme


Foie Gras Confiture image

Foie Gras Confiture

Foie gras "torchon" on toasted walnut cranberry bread, served with a figue-orange marmalade


Fish roe image

Fish roe

Served on tasted baguette bread, our fish roe is presented with a crème fraiche.


American caviar image

American caviar

American sturgeon caviar, served on pain de mie or baguette, crème fraiche


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